At Palmetto Legal Gophers, we have a proven record of serving papers for our customers safely and efficiently. We want our customers to be thrilled with our work, not just satisfied.

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Why Choose Palmetto Legal Gophers?

We’re a better option than just letting the Sheriff deliver your papers. Let’s go over the reasons why.

In SC, the Sheriff is allowed to serve process at a below market rate. This rate is set by statute and has nothing to do with the actual costs involved with training and equiping Sheriff’s deputies. Within some Sheriff’s departments, the Civil Process division is a plum assignment that seasoned deputies savor.

SC Supreme Court

What ends up happening is that a deputy who makes more than $60,000/year is given this position where they drive county vehicles that cost upwards of $30,000 each. Who do you think pays for all this since the rates they charge for service of process are below market? All of us tax payers do. To add insult to injury, these same deputies only go out between the hours of 9am-5pm on Monday-Friday to serve their papers.

More often than not, the defendants are not home because they are regular working people.

If apropriate, the deputy may post the papers on the house. We have seen this with our own eyes, the deputy affixed the papers to the door with a single piece of plain invisible tape. It didn’t take much wind to blow the set of papers off the door.

That’s Where We Come In

When Palmetto Legal Gophers serves your papers, you can be assured we make attempts in the early morning, in the evenings, and even on weekends. We knock on neighbors doors and try to gather information about the defendant. We check for signs of habitation such as garbage roll carts, if lights are on, etc., and we relay all of this back to our clients through our state of the art software that generates automated email messages on every attempt.

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When it comes to posting papers, all of the Palmetto Legal Gopher Process Servers are armed with a roll of highly visable duct tape which we use to secure papers to the door along with a picture for court records. With PLG, there is no worry about if we are doing our job properly.

Our History

Palmetto Legal Gophers, LLC was formed in 2014 as a spin-off from the now closed company, 1 Step Bail Bonds, LLC. In June 2015, Palmetto Legal Gophers, purchased Just Process, LLC and opened our second office, this time in Myrtle Beach. In April 2017, Palmetto Legal Gophers purchased Adams Process Service in Columbia, SC.

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